Photography research

Photography Research

These images were taken to show a blurred effect.

This image is focused front and background

1/60   F18     ISO 100

1/60 F18 ISO 100

This series of images are of random shots, the exercise is to see what aperture and shutter speed works to achieve the best quality image.






Photoshop, the next images are images i combined to make a fun image, both images are mine and thought this would be fun.

This is the result of lots of playing with Photoshop.

Gas Mask Girl in the playground

Gas Mask Girl in the playground

These images taken in Horseshoe Bay Sherkin Island. Just changed the aperture.


This image shows focused foreground blurred background

1/250   F22    ISO   100

1/250 F22 ISO 100

Two photographs same ISO and shutter speed, totally different because of the use of a flash on the second image.


The sky Photographs were taken from my Garden in Rosscarbery, Co Cork. The sun was rapidly setting and the colours show really well.



The photographs below were taken in Crosshaven Co Cork on a bright sunny morning. All setting on the camera are included.




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